Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Which ‘RHOBH’ Co-Star She Can Never Be Friends With Again — Lisa Rinna?

Lisa Vanderpump’s been slammed hard by Lisa Rinna for refusing to film season nine with the rest of the ‘RHOBH’ ladies. We’ve got what she told Andy Cohen on the co-star she could never agin be friends with.

After a turbulent filming of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine without her cast mates, Lisa Vanderpump has been dragged pretty hard by co-star Lisa Rinna. She stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Jan. 7 and caller wanted to find out just how angry she was at her 55-year-old co-star for going so hard on her. Host Andy Cohen let a viewer call in and the fan asked her, “Out of all the seasons you’ve been on Housewives, who can you not see being friends with again, Brandi Glanville or Lisa Rinna?” Ooh good one. LVP absolutely hates Brandi. Who can forget when a drunk Brandi actually slapped Lisa in the face on the show?

“Never is a big word…”she thoughtfully began before immediately saying Brandi’s name. Zing! While LVP surely doesn’t appreciate LR calling her out so publicly for not filming with her RHOBH cast mates in season nine, nothing can top her dislike for Brandi. Andy then asked Lisa, “What was your reaction to hearing she was with Denise this season?” RHOBH rookie Denise Richards was one of the few cast-mates that Lisa didn’t have a problem with this season. LVP is just so diplomatic and classy, replying, “Oh I’m okay with that. it’s up to them. Everyone finds their own friendships. I have no problem with that whatsoever.”

Brandi watched and was PISSED about Lisa’s answer. She tweeted @Andy @BravoWWHL what is it that I did that was so much worse than the others? Don’t say Vanderc*nt cuz I called you that when we were still friends.” As for the slap, Brandi claimed ” hat was a love tap I never meant to physically hurt you it was ‘puppy play.”

Lisa Rinna has been very vocal about calling out the 58-year-old for her absence from taping with the rest of the RHOBH crew. She finally lost it when LVP blew off former cast-mate Camille Grammer‘s wedding in October even though most of her other co-stars made it. Instead, LVP posted a throwback photo at a 2015 Dodgers game to her Instagram and Rinna had enough. “Why hasn’t Lvp filmed with us for over 6 weeks? I have no beef with her. Who does that? Who doesn’t show up to work?” she wrote in the photo’s comments.Well, at least Rinna has never slapped LVP.

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