Lindsay Lohan Cringes At Her ‘Embarrassing’ Viral Video From Mykonos: ‘Never Dancing Again’

Lindsay Lohan begrudgingly reminisced on the day her dance moves at the Lindsay Lohan Beach Club were recorded and went viral…at least she made a hilarious ‘Bird Box’ parody out of it with Jimmy Fallon.

Don’t expect Lindsay Lohan, 32, to partake in the “Do The Lilo” challenge, which encouraged social media users to lay down the same dance moves she did at the Lindsay Lohan Beach Club in Mykonos! As you recall, the Mean Girls star got on the stage of her dance club, shimmied, did a hair flip and gave a twirl, and the resulting video went viral in Aug. 2018. But she appears to regret the dance moves, as she revealed the backstory behind the video during her Jan. 7 appearance on The Tonight Show.

Lindsay explained to host Jimmy Fallon, 44, that the dance went down at a Pride party she threw, and she treated her employees by allowing them to cut loose. “And then they pulled me up on the stage. But I didn’t know what was happening with it [the video], in terms of this ‘Do The Lilo’ until after. I didn’t even know that until — until people told me,” Lindsay said. And here’s where she got remorseful. “It’s so embarrassing to me, you have to understand that,” the nightclub owner confessed. “I’m never dancing again.” But at least she’s a good sport, as she teamed up with Jimmy to create a Bird Box parody out of the “Do The Lilo” challenge! If you wondered what all those characters saw when they looked outside, you can find out in the video below.

Lindsay had just come from another exciting interview on Jan. 4 — but instead of a nighttime host, it was her former co-star Jonathan Bennett who fired off the questions! Yes, they kicked off the new year with a mini Mean Girls reunion for the taping of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: After the Show, which Jonathan served as both co-host and interviewer. It’ll air right after the premiere of Lindsay’s new MTV show on Jan. 8, and Aaron Samuels’ actor made the most of it. Of course, Lindsay had to address the elephant in the room: her co-star was in Ariana Grande’s Mean Girls-inspired “Thank U, Next” video, and Lindsay was not. Apparently, she hadn’t been asked, Us Weekly reported! But she wasn’t bitter.

“It was awesome! I thought it was great, but you were in it! I wasn’t in it,” the Parent Trap actress told Jonathan. “I didn’t know, but it was exciting to see!” But she couldn’t help but tease Jonathan for filming the music video in “boujee” Beverly Hills, contrasting it with the set of the OG film. “We filmed [the movie] in Toronto next to a psych ward. I remember that,” Lindsay reminisced with her on-screen love interest. “Do you remember the alarms went off there? We were freaking out and we locked ourselves in the trailers. Someone escaped. That’s why we were locked in the trailers. Rachel McAdams was freaking out, came to my trailer. We had a great experience. I mean, I was rhinestoning my T-Mobile sidekick.” The image of Cady Heron and Regina George bonding over rhinestoning a T-Mobile sidekick, along with Lindsay’s Mykonos dancing video, is exactly what we need to kick off 2019.

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