Cardi B Abruptly Halts Concert After Suffering A Wardrobe Malfunction While Twerking — Watch

Cardi B twerked so hard at a concert in New Zealand that she had to stop the show after suffering a massive wedgie. We’ve got the wild video.

Has there ever been a twerking related wardrobe malfunction for any stars? Cardi B might have just broken new ground as she was twerking so hard during her headlining performance at New Zealand’s Bay Dreams festival on Jan. 2 that she had to stop the show. Her green costume already showed plenty of butt cheek, but when she went on a massive twerking spree during one of her numbers, the fabric rode too far up her crotch. She asked the fired up crowd how they were doing after the song ended and she got loud cheers before announcing, “Anyways y’all I need a little break. I’ll be right back. I’ve gotta take this wedgie out of my ass.”

She wasn’t kidding either. It was so uncomfortable that Cardi needed to head offstage to put her sexy costume back in place before she could continue with her show. Of course the fans at the Mount Maunganui’s summer hip hop festival didn’t mind, as she came right back and finished up her 30 minute set. What a pro! Not even an atomic wedgie could keep her down.

Other than the wedgie, Cardi’s performance was flawless. She absolutely loved the New Zealand audience, showing several clips of her performance taken from the side of the stage to her Instagram page. In one she captioned it “TAURANGA,NEW ZEALAND ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉I will never forget you !” and another “TAURANGA NEW ZEALAND WAS AMAZING :’) sooo much fun ! AUCKLAND YOUR NEXT !!!” The audience absolutely loved her, as at one point Cardi was seen putting down her microphone in the middle of “Ring” and letting the audience sing the lyrics. Everyone knew all the words and could be loudly heard as the 26-year-old beamed with pride at her fans.


The “I Like It” rapper has been a rousing hit down under, as she’s been the headlining act for all of Australia and NZ’s summer hip hop festivals. She hit up Origin Fields in Perth, Australia on New Year’s Eve, then jetted to Sydney overnight to headline the New Year’s Day Festival there. Then she hopped a plane to NZ where she got a traditional Maori welcome with a nose and forehead touching hongi greeting before a group of costumed warriors performed the Haka dance for her. Cardi was so touched that she thanked them for “sharing your culture with me”

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