BTS Army Spark A Twitter Mix-up As They Mistakenly Declare The Band’s Song ‘Euphoria’ Went Gold: Memes

Whoops! #EuphoriaWentGold went viral on Twitter, after the songwriter for ‘Euphoria’ claimed the BTS song went ‘gold’ on Dec. 19! The BTS Army did damage control with hilarious memes.

As the BTS Army is now saying, “Euphoria” will always be gold-certified in our hearts. But fans were led to wrongly believe that Jungkook’s song, which is the lead single on his band’s gold-certified album Love Yourself: Answer, received recognition itself from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)! The mix-up started with a Reddit thread started by the songwriter for “Euphoria,” Melanie Fontana, who claimed that “Euphoria” went gold on Dec. 19. She soon backtracked the comment, writing, “Let me clarify: the album Love Yourself Answer just went gold in the usa so thats EPIC. 😉 Euphoria was the first single on this album.” An honest mistake, but it was too late — #EuphoriaWentGold already became a Twitter trend.

Upon learning that “Euphoria” didn’t actually earn gold status, the hilarious tweets and memes came pouring in. “The only way to recover from this embarrassment is to stream Euphoria and get it to gold by the morning,” one fan tweeted. Not a bad idea. Another loyal fan tried to stay optimistic, writing, “euphoria is gold TO ME,” accompanied by the “She is very gorgeous to me” meme. An appropriate choice. A third fan was still down in the dumps over the mix-up, posting a video of the K-Pop group having a jolly time…and then ending in frowns. “Me before and after i found out euphoria didn’t actually go gold,” the Twitter user wrote.

But in happier news, the RIAA did recognize BTS for other major accomplishments! On Nov. 9, the association certified Love Yourself: Answer as gold, BTS’ first album to do so! And the accolades didn’t stop there, as “Mic Drop” became the group’s first single to go platinum, and “Idol” also earned a gold certification…all on the same day. In addition to the three honors, “DNA,” “Fake Love” and “Mic Drop” went gold earlier in 2018, per Billboard.

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