Blue Light Illuminates NYC Sky After Power Plant Explosion & Twitter Freaks

No, aliens did not invade New York City on Dec. 27, but a Con Ed transformer explosion lit up the night sky with a surreal blue color and residents completely freaked out.

2018 has been one hell of an odd year so having aliens invade New York City as it comes to a close didn’t seem that far out of the realm. That’s sure what it looked like on Dec. 27 when a series of bright blue lights lit up the night sky over the city, particularly in Queens. It turns out it was just a possible transformer explosion at Astoria East & North Queens Con Ed power plant, according to the NYPD. Still, some residents thought maybe the movie Ghostbusters‘ special effects had come to life. We’ve got the hilarious Twitter reactions.

Initially some people were really scared by the phenomenon in the sky, with one resident tweeting “WTF was this? This was the view of the blue light from my window in the Bronx. Were we just exposed to something? My ears feel like I heard a high pitch frequency.” Another asked “Are we under alien attack?”

After everyone got the all clear that it was just a power plant issue, then residents got to have some fun. One Queens resident who caught the very end of the explosion tweeted, “The tail end of the ‘fire in the sky’ above Queens. This was at 9:15pm and Now I’m checking with friends to see if anyone had been raptured/snappeninged. One person all the way over in New Jersey posted video of the bright blue night sky and joked how “gender reveal parties are getting out of hand,” which is a very astute and spit-take hilarious takeaway.

Another person tweeted out that this blue light scaring the crap out of New Yorkers was “Peak 2018.” One resident seemed to think it was the sometimes embattled East Coast power company was responsible. “The sky filled with a blue light over Astoria. Residents are saying their building’s electricity went out just before the flash. This has Con Edison written all over it…. I hope,” one woman wrote. For one longtime city dweller, he wasn’t fazed at all by tweeting “Was walking the dog during the #bluelight and passed several of my fellow night walkers in the neighborhood and we all just nodded and no one said sh*t about the light bc YOU CANNOT IMPRESS REAL NEW YORKERS YOU ALIEN SUCKERS.” So far there are several neighborhoods in Queens that experienced temporary power outages, but no injuries have been reported in relation to the exploding transformers.

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