Bella Thorne Slays In Red Latex Thong & Bra While Rocking Thigh-High Boots In Sexy Video

Bella Thorne took to Instagram to share a video of herself in red latex thong, bra & thigh-high boots! Watch it here!

Bella Thorne is always sharing some sexy content on her Instagram, but she may have upped her game with this video. In an ad for her ‘F**k Me Firetruck’ lip stain (what a name), Bella showed off her latest eye-popping outfit. Donning a red latex thong, bra and thigh-high boots, Bella played with several toy firetrucks. Watch her latest, sexy video below!

Bella recently shared pics from a few years back where she felt that she wasn’t eating healthily, and provided an inspirational message to her followers. “This was taken at the end of 2016?-2017? 2018 was about getting my health back,” she wrote in the caption “….this is what I look like when I’m stressed…. when im stressed it’s hard for me to work up an appetite..I’m all about being yourself loving your body yada yada but these photos they make me not love anything about it. Looking back on these times and what this biz, and movies and life can do to you and everything along with that. But you know I look at this picture and I’m also proud. I’m so f*cking proud because this year I gained all my weight back and more !!!! And I feel good but I do feel like I need to get back in the gym so I can be healthier in general. Eating the right things (double quarter pounders not included) so my body has the energy it needs to keep moving forward.. keep moving forward.”

We reported earlier how Bella will continue to be as open and expressive with her body as possible. “Bella and nudity is something that doesn’t bother her at all,” our source said. “She likes to be very open and expressive. It is what speaks to her. She does it for many reasons with one of those reasons being that she wants to look back and see how hot she was when she is like eighty. She wants to know that she lived her life without fear and nobody ever dictated what she did with her life or body ever! She never wants anyone to change who she is, if someone is confidant to show of their body, they should and she wants to share that with people that they shouldn’t be scared either.


We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest Bella news. In the meantime, check out all of her most recent photos in our gallery above.

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